Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada from Lone Pine - Large Rolled

Ansel Adams Exclusive Large Print Modern Replica

This beautiful Modern Replica is made using the very latest digital technologies to provide a large print-on-demand print.
These oversized prints are only available rolled, and will ship in a large protective tube.

  • Image Date: 1944
  • Print Type: Modern Replica
  • Print Size: 30x38", 56"x42" Rolled Only
  • Image Preparation Time: Please allow up to 7 business days for printing and inspection
  • Technical information on Ansel Adams Modern Replicas included

Caution: This media is very delicate. Please have a picture framing professional handle it directly from tube to frame.


These digitally mastered prints from Ansel's Original Photograph are too large to ship mounted or framed, therefore they are available to be shipped rolled (unframed) in large tubes.

Modern Replicas were born from the desire of the artist's family to create a collection of Ansel Adams prints that showcased the artist throughout his career and delivered at a level of quality comparable to an original. The collection of Modern Replicas span Ansel's lifetime of exploration in Yosemite, and also beyond to the remote wonders of the Southwest, the expanses of Alaska, the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and the coastlines of California and New England. Each black and white replica is reproduced directly from an original photograph by Ansel Adams, and carefully crafted to mirror the photograph's brilliance and richness in contrast and tone.  




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