Aspens, Northern New Mexico (H) - Large Print Rolled

Ansel Adams Exclusive Large Print Modern Replica

This beautiful Modern Replica is made using the very latest digital technologies to provide a large print-on-demand work of art. 
These oversized prints are only available rolled, and will ship in a large protective tube.

  • Image Date: 1958
  • Print Type: Modern Replica
  • Image Sizes: 30"x38", 42"x56" Rolled Only
  • Print Preparation Time: These prints are produced on demand. Please allow up to 7 business days for printing and inspection
  • Technical information on Ansel Adams Modern Replicas included

Caution: This media is very delicate. Please have a picture framing professional handle it directly from tube to frame. 


While returning from an unsuccessful trip to Canyon de Chelly in search of a color photograph for Kodak, Adams happened upon this grove of aspens. "We were in the shadow of the mountains, " Adams wrote, "the light was cool and quiet and no wind was stirring. The aspen trunks were slightly greenish and the leaves were a vibrant yellow....I made the horizontal picture first, the moved to the left and made the vertical image at about the same subject distance. The few yellow leaves seen in the vertical image were not as bright as those in the horizontal version....The majority of viewers of the horizontal image think it was a sunlit scene. When I explain that it is represented diffused lighting from the sky and also reflected light from the distant clouds, some rejoin 'Then why does it look the way it does?' Such questions remind me that many viewers expect a photograph to be a the literal simulation of reality."



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