Anne Larsen

Anne Larsen Photography

Anne Larsen worked as a successful photographer for one of the largest commercial studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1994 she moved to the United States to pursue a career in fine-art photography. Anne’s intimate still life images and delicate photographs of the natural environment, all made with a 4x5" view camera or medium format camera; share a common luminosity and elegance. Her hand made silver gelatin prints are distinguished by their impeccable execution and tonal subtlety. Anne has assisted and taught on workshops instructed by James Baker, Morley Baer, Ruth Bernhard, Charles Cramer, Philip Hyde, Ray McSavaney, and John Sexton

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Bottle No. 2, Copenhagen, Denmark 1993


Trees on Hillside, Winter, Yosemite Valley 2012


Ice Forms, Lake Irwin, Colorado, 2004


Trees in Snowstorm, Yosemite Valley, California 2011


Rose No. 1, Carmel Valley, California 1999


Corn Stalks in Snow, December 2010


Tulip No. 1, Carmel Valley, California 1995


Ribbon, Copenhagen, Denmark 1993


Paper Form No. 1, Copenhagen, Denmark 1993


Aspens, Autumn, Utah 1999



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