Yosemite Valley, Thunderstorm

Modern Replicas

  • Digitally mastered print from Ansel's Original Photograph
  • Variety of image sizes, up to 30x38 inches
  • Expertly mounted and matted with professional framing available
  • Prints priced from $129 to $2,499
  • This image is also available as a rolled 30x38" or 42x56" image size print
Professionally Framed in metal or wood, with museum quality foam core and mat. Tru-Vue Premium Clear® Acrylic is shatter resistant to protect from injury and breakage.
Professionally Framed in metal or wood, with museum quality foam core and mat. Tru-Vue **Optium **Museum Acrylic® blocks 99% of UV rays, anti-reflective and shatter resistant.
Professionally Mounted and Matted using acid-free foam core and 8-ply museum quality acid-free rag board mat.
Image Size
Frame Color
White Wood
Black Wood
German Silver Metal
Graphite Metal
Matte Black Metal
No Color


Modern Replicas were born from the desire of the artist's family to create a collection of Ansel Adams prints that showcased the artist throughout his career and delivered at a level of quality comparable to an original. The collection of Modern Replicas span Ansel's lifetime of exploration in Yosemite, and also beyond to the remote wonders of the Southwest, the expanses of Alaska, the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and the coastlines of California and New England. Each black and white replica is reproduced directly from an original photograph by Ansel Adams, and carefully crafted to mirror the photograph's brilliance and richness in contrast and tone.  

Exclusively from The Ansel Adams Gallery, these digitally-mastered prints leverage modern technologies, not available during Ansel's lifetime, in order to allow more people the enjoyment of owning and displaying an Ansel Adams piece. Available in a variety of sizes, up to 40x50 inches, Modern Replicas offer the flexibility to enhance both the larger and more intimate spaces of your home. Modern Replicas will stand the test of time. Made with museum-quality materials estimated to last over 180 years, their heavy paper mimics the look and feel of gelatin silver paper, and multiple pigments reflect the tones and highlights of Ansel's original works. Each replica can be finished with a custom frame of your choice, arriving at your home ready to hang. Authorized by the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust, this collection ranges in price from from $129 to $2,000 depending on size and framing.

Join us in celebrating a full range of some of Ansel's finest work, featuring America's wild places, its national parks, and its great mountain ranges. As an owner of an Ansel Adams Modern Replica, you become a part of the story behind these images—of wildness and wilderness, that spans generations and continues to inspire us today—to see, revere, and protect the Earth.

About this Image

Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point is viewed by nearly every visitor to Yosemite National Park, and seems to be photographed continuously by the many visitors and locals who never tire of the scene. The results, however, never seem to compare with the drama of the “grand landscape” which Ansel capture so well. This image is a fantastic example of that grand landscape, and when presented at a large size, makes a powerful statement of grandeur.

What’s Included

  • Archival Pigment Print
  • Exclusive Reproduction from Ansel Adams' Original Photograph
  • Museum-Quality Frame & Finish
  • Wired Backing (ready to hang)
  • Expert Packaging with Care
  • 30 day - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (or full refund)

Framing Details

Frame your Modern Replica and receive it ready to hang and designed to stand the test of time. Our Gallery makes framing easy, offering competitive rates simply based on the size of your artwork. Every frame is professionally built by our team of expert craftspeople using the highest-quality materials (wood or metal moulding, acid-free mats and foam core, and optional acrylic with 99% UV protection). Our turnaround time is fast—usually 2-3 business days to create your piece— and then we ship your finished work of art to your door.

Image Size
Standard vs Museum Acrylic
Wood Frame
Metal Frame

Image Size

We size our prints according to nominal image size. Meaning not all prints are exactly the stated size. Ansel used many different cameras over his career that created finished prints in different aspect ratios. Modern Replicas are not cropped, they are faithful reproductions of Ansel Adams’ original photographs and adhere to the exact aspect ratio (relationship between the height and width of the image)
Modern Replica Size chart
Use our handy artwork chart to determine the relative size of the finished (matted and/or framed) print.

Size Chart Dimensions are listed in inches

image size matted size metal frame wood frame
8x10 16x20 18x22 20x24
11x14 20x24 22x26 24x28
16x20 24x30 26x32 28x34
20x24 28x34 30x36 32x36
24x30 32x38 34x40 36x42
30x38 40x50 42x52 44x54


Standard vs Museum Acrylic

We use Tru-Vue Picture Framing Acrylic (plexiglass) on all of our prints. Acrylic is strong, shatter-resistant and abrasion-resistant. When shipping your artwork, acrylic vastly safer than glass.

Our Standard Acrylic is Tru-Vue Premium Clear Acrylic. This is high-quality framing-grade clear acrylic that provides safety and security from injury and breakage. This acrylic blocks 66% of UV rays.

Our Museum Acrylic is Tru-Vue Optium Museum Acrylic®. This is virtually invisible, yet provides the ultimate protection for your artwork. It is the highest-quality acrylic available and is used by the world’s most renowned museums. This acrylic provides 99% UV protection. Is anti-reflective, abrasion and shatter-resistant.

Wood Frames Our wood frames are premium quality solid wood, contemporary style frames with a flat face. Offered in White and Black Colors Wood Modern Replica Frames

Frame Dimensions For images sizes 8x10” and 11x14” we frame in  ⅞” face moulding
smaller wood frames

For the larger image sizes we frame in 1⅝” moulding
large frames

Metal Frames

Our metal frames are Nielsen flat-face frames in German Silver, Matte Black and Graphite colors. metal frames

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