Tuolumne Sundown

Penny Otwell

Original Oil Painting | Studio

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 60" x 48"

Signed: Penny Otwell

Exhibition: High Spirit is now at The Ansel Adams Gallery


Artist Statement

I have a deep connection with Yosemite National Park that has stretched over 60 years. When I was 18, I jumped on a Greyhound bus that brought me from Los Angeles to my first job in the park, working at The Ahwahnee hotel. In those first years, I spent days off backpacking in the high Sierra with new friends, which ignited my love for the natural world. Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada have been my home ever since.

Collectors have described my work as “expressionistic, colorful, and even whimsical,” but I choose not to identify with a single painting style. I primarily work “en plein air” – outside in the place I am painting – which inspires me to paint from my heart using a “fresh ala prima” (wet-into-wet) interpretation that is uniquely my own. As I feel the light, colors, and breezes of a place and hear moving water, birds singing, and wind through trees as I paint, my work becomes very spontaneous and connected to place.

As I arrive at my selected location for the day, I set up, squeeze out my oil paints, and spend a few moments appreciating where I am to help define my focus and intent. With a goal to make a good composition with appealing color harmony, I design each piece with a simple idea. By carefully studying Yosemite’s granite forms, my drawings are faithful, but my own intuition is the strongest component of my working style.

Starting with an abstract block-in underpainting, I nail down moving light, then slow down to complete the design. My sturdy easel allows me to work with large canvases (up to 36” x 48”) as well as smaller panels. I use large brushes and palette knives for thick texture to start and progressively use smaller and smaller brushes and knives to complete each slightly abstract painting. Most of each painting is completed in the field, but I usually give each piece a good, hard look back in my painting studio in Mariposa.

Being a plein air painter comes naturally to me and I love sharing this very special place with others through my work. I am so grateful to have the best job in the Park!

Mariposa, 2022

Artist Comments

I started this piece last year but this year I changed several things and am finally happy with it.  It just took time and thought.  Not to mention moving it around in the studio!  I had to get far away from it to assess it.  I've been using Yosemite wildflowers among the granite forms of Yosemite to bring some joy into our lives during the Pandemic.  I've seen this sky in Tuolumne Meadows before.  The tall flowers are my personal version of Larkspur that grow on the side of Mt. Dana, and the mountains are the Cathedrals from the hiking trail.  This is a studio painting from drawings and studies on location.

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Penny Otwell's Biography
High Spirit by Penny Otwell 
is on exhibition at The Ansel Adams Gallery from September 25th to November 5th

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