In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams (Yosemite Valley)

Photography Education

Travel to a series of stunning locations where Ansel Adams composed some of his most famous photographs. Each stop in the Footsteps of Ansel Adams offers you the opportunity to see the very same scene through your own camera lens, as you are guided in-depth by an expert staff photographer to best capture the iconic vistas. 

Dates: Monday 1p & Thursday 1p
Location: Yosemite National Park 
Level: Beginner to Intermediate 
Class Limit: 6

$95.00 USD


Photographer Ansel Adams immortalized Yosemite National Park through his classic black & white images. His images pushed the popularity of landscape photography while helping to motivate the American environmental movement. Through the course of the class, you will visit a number of locations from where Ansel composed some of his most famous images. At each location, you will have the opportunity to see the same image through your lens and work more in-depth with the scene around you. You will receive insight into Ansel's life, photography and philosophies as well as basic lessons in photographic technique.

Dates: Monday 1p and Thursday 1p
Location: Yosemite National Park
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Class Limit: 6
Tuition: $95.00 per person
This is a field oriented class, allowing the participants the opportunity to photograph in beautiful Yosemite Valley. Participants will spend 4 hours out in the field walking to different locations. The class usually walks 2-3 miles on flat, mostly paved paths.

For questions and further information on this photography class, please email or call (209) 372-4413.

    Cancellation Policy

    Photography Class Cancellation Policy: We understand that sometimes things come up and the best laid plans go awry. If you Cancel your class more than 7 days in advance, you will be refunded in full for the class. If you cancel your class less than 7 days but more than 24 hours before the class starts, we will refund your money, minus a non-refundable charge equal to 15% of the cost of your class. Refunds cannot be made for no-shows or cancellations within the 24 hour time period. If you are concerned about this possibility, please purchase a little travel insurance. A little can go a long way. Class payments are fully transferable to another individual for the same scheduled class if you choose to withdraw your registration. If The Ansel Adams Gallery needs to cancel the class for any reason, your payment will be refunded in full. However, we simply can’t be responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or lodging reservations. Please do not purchase non-refundable airline tickets or make non-refundable deposits on lodging for the sole purpose of attending the class.

    Attendees under the age of 18 need to have a parent or legal guardian present at the beginning of each class to sign a waiver of liability form.

    The Ansel Adams Gallery is an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service.

    COVID-19 Policy

    To ensure the safety of our class participants during COVID-19, we will be reducing the number of people per class to six participants. This will help us maintain accurate social distancing within the group.

    Face coverings are required for all participants, along with no-touch temperature checks. Let's enjoy photographing the great outdoors while staying safe!

    Air Quality Index Announcement

    The safety of our visitors and staff at The Ansel Adams Gallery is of utmost importance.  During fire season, smoke can degrade the air quality in Yosemite. It can reduce visibility and poses health concerns for everybody, especially sensitive people. During this time our staff uses the AQI (air quality index) to determine if the air quality is at a safe level for our visitors and staff.

    Here is how the AQI level in Yosemite Valley effects The Ansel Adams Gallery:

    150 AQI, we will close our outdoor operations. The staff will notify any photography education class students at least one hour prior to the start of class.

    300 AQI, we will close outdoor and indoor operations.  


    For more information please see the information below:

    Air Quality Index for Yosemite Valley

    National Park Service – Air Quality Monitoring in Yosemite

    AirNow Fire and Smoke Map



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