Enchanted Forest

charlotte gibb

Original photograph signed and numbered by Charlotte Gibb

Archival pigment photograph

Mounted and overmatted with 4-ply archival museum board

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$450.00 USD

About the Artist

Charlotte Gibb is an award-winning and renowned nature and landscape photographer based in Northern California.  She is known for her mastery of "Intimate Landscapes" — small scenes derived from a large landscape. 

The youngest of nine, she spent her early life playing and exploring the rural Northern California mountain area of her childhood home. Her father, an avid mountain climber and nature lover, made sure his kids shared his passion for the outdoors. After his death in a climbing accident, her mother continued to encourage an attachment to nature, ensuring that family vacations were spent outdoors camping, hiking, and exploring.

Charlotte earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She cut her teeth in the advertising business as an art director in the 1990s, then operated her own graphic design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area for decades. Throughout her long career as an artist, her photography was constantly infused in her design work. Her darkroom has since been replaced with digital darkroom tools, and her style has evolved from a somewhat journalistic approach, to one that pays tribute to the natural world.

Charlotte writes and publishes on the subject of photography and creativity, has been a keynote speaker and educator for several national photography events, served as a judge for international and local photography competitions, and exhibits her work throughout California.

She can usually be found tromping with her camera bag in the wilderness areas around the Sierra Nevada range and Yosemite National Park in her home state. 

Story Behind the Image

Autumn is a special time of year for me. I love the shorter days that allow me to sleep in a bit longer, and the extended Golden Hour that gives me more time to create in the beautiful light. But it’s the trees with their beautiful fall foliage that overwhelmingly draw me. The trees in this stage are a reminder that nature is cyclical, and that we are part of that cycle as we prepare for Winter. 

This time of year, it’s not only trees that are changing color. The light is also transforming. Autumn light is very different from other seasons. The position of the sun in the sky is lower this time of year, which, in turn, alters the appearance of the landscape. The light is softer than Summer light, which can seem harsh by comparison. The character of light changes the way we perceive the landscape, also the way I photograph it. In making nature photographs, I try to communicate what the scene felt like, not necessarily what it looked like. 

This beautiful Aspen grove lives in a canyon on the Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, where most of California’s Aspen groves can be found. The season was already what most nature photographers would call “past peak.” A storm had just moved through the area, stripping the trees of their colorful foliage. Morning light hadn’t yet reached the canyon, and a lingering mist hung in the air. The brightly colored underbrush gave the scene a romantic, magical feel.

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