Early Morning, Merced River

Ansel Adams Exclusives

  • Yosemite Special Edition Photographs are hand-crafted gelatin silver photograph from Ansel’s original negative
  • Image Size: Approximately 8x10 inches
  • Expertly mounted and matted to 14x17 inches with professional framing available
  • Prints priced from $325 to $650
Professionally Framed in metal or wood, with museum quality foam core and signature embossed mat. Tru-Vue Premium Clear® Acrylic is shatter resistant to protect from injury and breakage.
Professionally Framed in metal or wood, with museum quality foam core and signature embossed mat. Tru-Vue **Optimum **Museum Acrylic® blocks 99% of UV rays, anti-reflective and shatter resistant.
Professionally Mounted and Matted using acid-free foam core and 4-ply museum quality acid-free rag board, signature embossed mat.
Frame Color
White Wood
Black Wood
German Silver Metal
Matte Black Metal
Premium Gray Welded Frame
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Of all the American landscapes that Ansel Adams immortalized through his images, Yosemite was the most deeply personal. In Yosemite he discovered his spiritual home and built his family. He first visited the Park in 1916 and he returned every year thereafter, meeting his wife there and then raising his family within Yosemite's splendor. Ansel hoped his images would inspire park visitors to become activists for Yosemite's preservation, instilled with a deeper connection to the natural world and desire to protect it. With that as his main goal, Ansel conceived this series of Yosemite Special Edition Photographs in the late 1950s. With images of Half Dome, Lake Tenaya, Merced River and more, he invited everyone to be of part of his 'art as activism" by pricing the prints at an affordable cost. We honor that intention today, offering these stunning silver prints to all who wish to express their love for Yosemite and desire to protect it as a natural wonder.

Today, with America’s wild spaces increasingly under threat, Ansel’s vision for the Special Edition Photographs remains as relevant as ever.

Yosemite Special Edition Photographs are the closest photographic reproductions to Ansel’s original masterpieces, painstakingly handcrafted from his negatives by former assistant Alan Ross. Alan Ross worked under Ansel’s direct observation from 1975 until 1984, and has been producing the series in accordance to Ansel's instructions ever since. Each silver photograph shimmers with brilliance, with richly perfected black and white tones. From a selection of 29 stunning images of Yosemite, each photograph is printed in 8x10 inches and authorized by the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust. With professional framing available, this collection ranges in price from $325 (mounted and matted) to $650 (framed).

We invite you to stand with Ansel in his commitment to honoring and cherishing the unparalleled beauty of Yosemite by showcasing an Ansel Adams Yosemite Special Edition Photograph. As an owner of a Special Edition Photograph, you too can share Ansel's vision, inspiring others to preserve and protect Yosemite for years to come.

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About this Image

Ansel Adams made this image around 1950 with an aluminum 8" x 10" Kodak camera, a replica of the Kodak wooden flatbed camera that once belonged to the Greenland explorer Louise Boyd. He'd driven past the spot often, glimpsing it from the corner of his eye. Then one morning moments after the sun rose over Yosemite Valley, he stopped to capture "Early Morning, Merced River " just steps from the highway. In Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs , he recalls making the image: “This serene subject is only about one hundred feet from the highway; I have passed it hundreds of times, and I retain many 'corner of the eye' memories of it at all times of the year. The shapes, even glimpsed from a moving car, were always beautiful, but the lighting conditions usually were impossible. On this morning I could not resist; a glance was enough to command me to stop, park my car, and carry my equipment to the scene. My eye enjoyed a wonderful impression of light in all areas, but it was a very high contrast subject for the film, and I recognized this problem as I was setting up the camera." Adams generally declined to describe how he visualized images, believing words failed to convey the qualities of expressive images. However, he did address the sequence of procedures that led to his making the photograph: "I am sure the image developed in my unconscious mind over time; on the morning the picture was made I recognized the desired image immediately. All the components fell into place in terms of form and value. The mood of the image was established and visualized intuitively.” "Early Morning, Merced River " appears in Yosemite and the Range of Light (out of print), Yosemite and the High Sierra , and Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs.

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