Ansel Adams 2023 Wall Calendar


Ansel Adams' "Authorized Edition" calendars have been a beloved annual tradition for over 45 years.

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The photographs of Ansel Adams are among America's finest cultural treasures, and form the foundation of his tremendous legacy of environmental activism. One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, today his vision is as relevant and convincing as ever.
More than 45 years ago, Ansel Adams selected Little, Brown and Company as the sole authorized publisher of his photography. At the same time, he established The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust in order to ensure the continuity and protection of his legacy—both artistic and environmental. As Adams himself wrote, “Perhaps the most important characteristic of my work is what may be called print quality. It is very important that the reproductions be as good as you can possible get them.” The authorized books, calendars, and posters published by Little, Brown have been rigorously supervised by the Trust to make certain that Adams’ exacting quality standards are maintained. 

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