Glowing Appalachian Forest, Virginia

Christopher Burkett

Original Color Positive Photograph printed optically by Mr. Burkett

Signed and numbered by artist

Mounted and overmatted with 4-ply archival museum board

Available in multiple sizes (see Print Size information)


$1,250.00 USD
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About Artist

Christopher Burkett is recognized world-wide for his outstanding color photography. His work demonstrates that rare combination of artistic vision, environmental ethos, and technical craftsmanship. Christopher prints all of his work on Ilfochrome photographic paper, a medium that enables him to express the grace, light, and beauty of the natural world. Burkett is continually pushing the limits of technical and process technology to achieve the highest quality print. His work demands attention, and with that attention you will find spectacular detail, clarity, and a composition that beckons your presence.

Christopher Burkett was born in 1951 and was raised in the Pacific Northwest. In 1975, while he was a brother in a Christian order, he became interested in photography as a means of expressing the grace, light and beauty he saw present in the world of nature.

Over the next twenty years, he gradually perfected his craft so that photography could be the means through which he could express his innermost feelings and inspiration. Today he works almost exclusively with color 8 x 10" transparencies.

In 1979, Burkett left the brotherhood to pursue photography and married his wife, Ruth. He learned the offset printing process and ran four-color printing presses and laser scanners to create detailed color separations. These years of experience in the printing trade helped develop his fine discernment of color and gave him a deep understanding of the principles of color and tone is ideally suited to this work.

Today Burkett travels extensively throughout the United States to photograph. His masterful printing and numerous exhibitions rapidly brought him international acclaim. His photographs are featured in many public and private fine art collections. Burkett also has taught several workshops sponsored through the Friends of Photography and Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

Burkett is a recognized national expert in printing Cibachrome (Ilfochrome), by virtue of his use of sophisticated and unique masking techniques.
He meticulously hand prints his 8 x 10" transparencies to 20 x 24" and 30 x 40" with impressive sharpness and rich tonality.
All images are archivally overmatted, signed and numbered by the artist.


Ordering Information

Original photographs are hand made, and not all sizes are kept in inventory.
Special orders from the photographer may take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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Print Size Information 

Prints from 8 x 10" transparencies are available in 20 x 24" and 30 x 40" sizes.
Prints from 4 x 10" transparencies are available in 13 x 33" and 20 x 50" sizes.
Prints from 2¼ x 2¼" transparencies are available in 20 x 20" and 30 x 30" sizes. 

Prices subject to change as print edition increases 

      20x20" - 20x24" 30x30" - 30x40" Title of Artwork
      $1250.00 $2500.00 Most Fine Art Photographs (All prints are these prices unless otherwise specific)
      $2000.00 $4000.00 Autumn Circus, Oregon
      Translucent Forest, Colorado
      $4000.00 $8000.00 Resplendent Leaves at Sunset
      $6000.00 $12000.00 Aspen Grove
      Pink and White Dogwoods


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