2022 Photography Workshops

Take a deep dive into the format and media of your choice with a workshop designed for the curious. With personalized instruction taught by master instructors, each workshop expands technical skills and enhances participants’ artistic vision. Call Yosemite your home for a week, be engaged by small class sizes with like-minded participants, and bring home your creative masterpiece.

Yosemite's Emerging Spring Feb 8 - 12th
Incomparable Valley -
Winter's Light
(Kirk Keeler)

Yosemite's Emerging Spring
Mar 16 - 19th
Platinum/Palladium Printing
Gum Over Platinum
(Kerik Kouklis)
Apr 12 - 16th
Incomparable Valley
Yosemite's Emerging Spring
(Rich Selling)

Apr 20 - 23rd
Carbon Printing Workshop
(Vaughn Hutchins)
May 10 - 14th
Ansel Adams -
The Art of Seeing
(Alan Ross)

May 18 - 21st
Advanced Platinum
(Kerik Kouklis)
Yosemite's Emerging Spring
Sep 20 - 24th
iPhone Artistry
(Dan Burkholder)

Sep 27 - Oct 1st
Night Photography
(Kirk Keeler)
Oct 4 - 8th
In the Style of Ansel Adams
Crafting Fine Silver Image
(Alan Ross)

Oct 12 - 15th
Photogravure (Clay Harmon)

Oct 25 - 29th
The Incomparable Valley
(Rich Selling)
Nov 1 - 5th
Processing and Printing:
The Art of Color Photography
(Kerik Kouklis)

Nov 16 - 19th
Platinum/Palladium Printing
Gum Over Platinum
(Kerik Kouklis)

The Ansel Adams Gallery has modified our workshops to be functional in a covid environment and has reduced class sizes to protect participants and staff. With the recent surge from Omicron, we are making it our main priority for a safe environment for all of our workshop participants. Masks are required in all buildings in the park and our workshop room is fully equipped with an air filtration system.

The Gallery will provide the following:
COVID-19 rapid test upon arrival
Hand sanitizer
Sanitation wipes

The Ansel Adams Gallery requires all workshop participants to show proof of  the COVID-19 vaccination and have a molecular COVID test prior to their arrival in Yosemite National Park. 

Limited Services:
Since Covid, Yosemite has been experiencing limited food services in the Valley. We suggest bringing breakfast and snack food. The Valley does have a small grocery store, but the selection is limited especially for specialty food items. 

Develop your artistic vision amidst the grandeur of Yosemite Valley with workshop instructor Rich Seiling. Enjoy field-based sessions focusing on composition and exposure while exploring the nuances of the Valley's light in different seasons.

Uncover your potential in this discovery workshop on platinum printing. Create platinum prints from images shot on film, a digital camera, or even your phone!

Shave years off the learning curve of advancing your practice of Platinum Printing with this exceptional workshop taught by a master with decades of experience.

Discover how to produce continuous-tone photographic images in a time-tested medium that is unsurpassed. Create a portfolio of work from 8-12 etched plates.

Witness Yosemite Valley as Ansel Adams did for most of his life while you connect Ansel's approach and mastery with today's tools and techniques.

Try your hand at the mastery of film and the darkroom. Explore Ansel Adams' printing and field techniques with Ansel's long-time assistant Alan Ross.

Learn how to make the most of Apple's technology while you move from casual captures to serious artwork. Be empowered to craft images you'll be proud to exhibit.

Discover the beautiful lost art of carbon printing with master of the process, Vaughn Hutchins. Be one of the few dedicated artists to grasp this detail rich process.

Develop your artistic vision amidst the grandeur of Yosemite Valley at night with workshop instructor Kirk Keeler. Enjoy field-based sessions focusing on composition and exposure while exploring the nuances of the Valley's beauty at night.

This workshop is designed to turn the process of making expressive prints into an understandable and enjoyable experience. Master printmaker Rich Seiling will show you the approach and vision he uses to make prints for museums and galleries, and how you can apply those techniques to your photographs to better realize your creative vision.



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