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Yosemite at Night : Michael Frye and Kirk Keeler
On Exhibit at The Ansel Adams Gallery – June 30 – August 17, 2019

In Yosemite, the hustle and bustle of activity pervades the day. But at night, this all changes and the park becomes unfettered, with the wild echoes of nature and the humbling magnitude of an endless firmament overhead. Here, bears forage for grubs. The coyotes howl in Tenaya Canyon. Mountain Lions traipse through talus. And while others turn in, artists like Michael Frye and Kirk Keeler work patiently photographing the moon and the stars.

Michael Frye has been famously photographing Yosemite for the last 35 years, frequently the beneficiary of a well honed instinct and a thorough knowledge of Yosemite’s unique geography. Kirk Keeler has likewise found his home in the Sierra now ten years on following the encouragement of Mr. Frye to pursue photography. Like many a dedicated photographer, both of them have weaved their way through the iconic locations and grand vistas of the National Park. But where their shared experience finds a potent intrigue is in their continued dedication to exploring Yosemite by the hidden light of the night.

Opening at The Ansel Adams Gallery on June 30th and running through August 17th, Yosemite at Night: Photographs by Michael Frye and Kirk Keeler, will exhibit works of stellar and astrophotography made by these two local artists of their great back yard over the course of their combined 45 years in park. On Wednesday, July 24th from 3-5pm, the gallery will host a reception for the artists who will be in attendance. We hope you can come by and see a NEW side of Yosemite.