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Keith Walklet
Photography is a distillation of the scene. We can’t include everything before us in every image, so we select just the elements that are essential and exclude the rest. A powerful, precise, poetic word like Apricity is the verbal equivalent of a successful image. Simply beautiful.

Keith Walklet - Artist’s Statement

While photography is my profession, it is both a source of inspiration and a form of meditation for me. I am constantly inspired by the vision and creativity of others and I am completely content when immersed in my own efforts. At this point in my career, I find that I have a very simple approach to making images. I look for, and I believe others respond to, a feeling of motion that resides just below the surface of our first impressions.

It is the energy that leads our eye from one place to the next. In its most obvious form, it is the motion of the subject itself, but more often, it is subtler lines and shapes that invite us to thoroughly explore the composition. That means that instead of looking at a subject as a Thing, I think of it simply as a celebration of color, shape and form.

For over thirty years, I’ve attempted to capture this feeling while creating traditional color landscape photographs, though my current urban surroundings and colleagues have inspired me to explore a wider range of subjects and techniques, some of which push the boundaries of photography. Here I am an adult, and I still get to play! As a result, my portfolio includes a full range of motion, from the serenity of a mountain pool to the drama of a thunderstorm. It should be no surprise, I love what I do.