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The Unique Opportunity

This year, Horsetail Fall (the Firefall) was in rare, spectacular form. And to celebrate, we are thrilled to offer collectors, friends and fellow art lovers, a chance to purchase a never-before-printed image from the event by one of our distinguished Gallery artists at a discounted price, prior to its availability within the general market place.

Michael Frye stood alone in the woods and away from the crowds beneath a cloud shrouded sky, camera and tripod ready, waiting for any suggestion of light. And when the moment arrived, Michael knew he was witnessing a unique Yosemite moment when every imaginable photographic variable falls into seamless place and the immortal image is made; the result, was "Sunset over Yosemite Valley" which we are offering here at our special price in the sizes 13x20 (matted to 22x28), 15x24 (matted to 24x32) and 20x30 (matted to 30x40). While Michael's original prints normally sell in these sizes up to $750, you can now add one to your private collection for 25% off the initial retail price. Each photograph is made by Mr. Frye, printed to current archival standards, signed and numbered, as well as mounted, matted and ready for framing. The time to purchase will begin at 9:00 AM Pacific Time on Monday, March 13th and will expire upon the close of business, Sunday, March 19th at 6:00 PM. Once the offer has expired, we anticipate an order fulfillment time of approximately four to five weeks to ensure the quality of each individual order. This inaugural printing offer is available for a very limited time, after which, the print will return to full price.

Email our curator, Evan Russel, at evan@anseladams.com if you have any additional questions about the prints or shipping.

The Story of These Images

Sunset Over Yosemite Valley

I had been to this spot perhaps a dozen times over the years during Horsetail Fall season (that week or so in February when this slim waterfall is backlit by the setting sun), hoping for some interesting clouds and a moment when the sun would break through and light the waterfall. But each time the hoped-for combination of light and clouds failed to materialize. The odds seemed low on this afternoon as well, as there were thick clouds to the west, but there was a small chance the sun could break through and create the kind of light I was looking for.

When I reached my location I saw plenty of clouds, but also spotted a thin strip of clear sky near the horizon, so there was some hope. At one point the underside of the clouds started to glow, and it looked like sunlight might crawl under those clouds and break through. But then the clouds thickened, and the glow dimmed.

About five minutes later, however, the strip of blue sky near the horizon grew larger. Then a beam of sunlight broke underneath the clouds and lit the very bottom of Horsetail Fall – only to fade, blocked by more clouds. After a few more minutes the beam returned, reached a little higher… and faded again.

But the clouds seemed to be breaking up a bit. A little while later sunbeams began fanning up from behind a cloud. Then, for the third time, a beam of light broke underneath the clouds and hit the bottom of Horsetail. This time the light kept moving upward until the whole waterfall was lit.

At this point it became difficult to believe what I was seeing. Was this really happening? Seriously? It looked like a scene from a dream. I’ve always thought Albert Bierstadt’s Yosemite paintings were unrealistic, but maybe not – maybe he really did see those things. After all, here was a Bierstadt painting before my eyes.

It was perhaps the most amazing light show I’ve ever seen. Our planet is always beautiful – always. But sometimes nature outdoes itself.

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Sunset over Yosemite Valley with Horsetail Fall, by Michael Frye
Original fine art photograph signed and numbered by Michael Frye