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Backlit Pines, Bridalveil Fall, Winter
Backlit Pines, Bridalveil Fall, Winter by Keith S. Walklet
Archival Pigment Print by Keith Walklet
Image size: 20x16 inches (in stock)
Negative date: 2009
Print date: 2018
Edition number: 1/100
Note: Image captured on film
Each print is signed by the artist.

Additional sizes may be available for some editions

Price: $500.00

“Backlit Pines, Bridalveil Fall, Winter" was made in the winter of 2009, which had the most extraordinary series of storms. During the Winter Light class, it snowed 6”, 6”, 12”, and 6” on successive days and then 2 feet the day we concluded. To have fresh snow to work with day after day is really unusual. Under normal circumstances, it is especially advantageous to be in Yosemite Valley when a storm breaks because the pristine quality of the scene doesn’t last long. Since the ideal window for working can be short, it is also helpful to be aware of the time which the sun illuminates different parts of the valley to maximize opportunities. On this day, my car was packed and I was ready to start back to Idaho, but I waited in this spot for the sunlight to reach the pines. Moments after the sunlight reaches the snowy trees, a series of avalanches begin as the trees shed their white robes. White powder filtering through the trees is especially pretty when backlit. As the frozen flour spills down through the branches of the tree, alternating bands of light and dark are projected onto it. The sun illuminated my side of the valley much sooner than that of the pine, so I was already being showered by pieces of falling, sunlit snow.

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