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The Unique Opportunity

Happy Holidays from The Ansel Adams Gallery! This season, we are thrilled to offer collectors, friends and fellow art lovers, a chance to purchase a never-before-printed image from one of our distinguished Gallery artists at a discounted price, prior to its availability within the general market place.

As a special end of year, holiday surprise, we have arranged to present two festively seasonal images from Michael Frye: “Half Dome and North Dome from the Four-Mile Trail, Yosemite” and “El Capitan by Moonlight, Yosemite” in the sizes 16x20 and 20x24. While Michael's original prints normally sell in these sizes up to $475, you can now add one to your private collection for 25% off the initial retail price. Each photograph is made by Mr. Frye, printed to current archival standards, signed and numbered, as well as mounted, matted and ready for framing. The time to purchase will begin at 9:00 AM Pacific Time on Monday, November 21st and will expire upon the close of business, Tuesday, November 29th at 6:00 PM. Once the offer has expired, we anticipate an order fulfillment time of approximately four to five weeks to ensure the quality of each individual order -- however, we have all intention of making shipping these prints in time for the holidays. This inaugural printing offer is available for a very limited time, after which, the print will return to full price.

Email our curator, Evan Russel, at evan@anseladams.com if you have any additional questions about the prints or shipping.

The Story of These Images

El Capitan by Moonlight, Yosemite

A late-November rainstorm turned colder, and by the end of the storm the floor of Yosemite Valley was covered by two inches of snow. Checking the satellite images online in the afternoon it looked like the skies might clear, so I headed up to Yosemite Valley. The clearing didn’t quite happen in time for sunset, but I knew that the nearly-full moon was due to rise about 20 minutes after sunset, so I headed up to Tunnel View to see if the skies might clear in time for the moonrise.

It was a beautiful moonrise from Tunnel View, but as the moon climbed higher, it appeared through a gap in the clouds, and the contrast became too extreme, plus I started to get lens flare (yes, the moon can create lens flare!). So I packed up and headed down to a spot along the Merced River, where the clouds and mist lingered for awhile as I photographed Three Brothers and El Capitan. The moonlight eventually reached the trees and snow-covered sandbar along the Merced River, with mist still swirling around El Capitan, providing perfect light for this photograph.

Half Dome and North Dome from the Four-Mile Trail, Yosemite

In late March of 2016 a small storm rolled through Yosemite. The showers tapered off during the wee hours, and I rose early, hoping to photograph a clearing storm in Yosemite Valley.
As sunrise approached, radar images on my phone showed a band of showers approaching. It looked like the rain would pass through quickly, but it might be possible to hike up the Four-Mile Trail and reach a view of Half Dome just as the showers dissipated and skies started to clear. It would be a gamble, but I decided to take a chance and go for it.
I hoofed it up the trail as fast as my legs and lungs would allow. The skies started clearing earlier than expected, which meant I might get to my spot too late. But when I finally reached the view of Half Dome at about eight o’clock I found a gorgeous scene, with backlit mist, clouds, and trees dusted with snow The light show continued for about half an hour, but my favorite image is this one, made just after I arrived. Apparently I got there just in time.

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Half Dome and North Dome from the Four-Mile Trail, Yosemite National Park, California by Michael Frye El Capitan by Moonlight, Yosemite National Park, California by Michael Frye
Original fine art photograph signed and numbered by Michael Frye Original fine art photograph signed and numbered by Michael Frye